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Mini Video Mapping - Naaradewa #2

This video is a part of mini video mapping series Naaradewa and a campaign using site specific art intervention, called "Don't Feed The Monster".

Mini Video Mapping - Naaradewa

What creature is that? 

We are living in a world where monsters are everywhere and we didn't even realize it. 

How can we stop them from growing rapidly? 

Follow our channel to find out.




This mini video mapping is a part of the site specific art intervention campaign towards the Naaradewa Show which will be held on 19 - 20 Sep 2014 in Bandung, Indonesia.

Mini Video Mapping - The Adventure of Naara

Let's follow the adventure of Naara, our new beloved character who is a brave teenage boy.

Naara is on a mission, subscribe and find out what he's trying to achieve and where he's heading. It's all in the adventure of Naaradewa!

To Revitalize and To Preserve Together

Sembilan Matahari went back to Jakarta Old City District to present a video mapping performance as a part of Fatahillah Art Festival, revitalization program for Jakarta Old City organized by Jakarta Endowment for Art and Heritage (JEFORAH) at 13rd March 2014 as the continuation of socialization and initiation of the importance of creative space which started exactly four years earlier by Pemprov DKI Jakarta and British Council. 


During this video mapping performance, Sembilan Matahari is going to take the audience to the memories from the previous show and prolonged by a story-telling of Old City revitalization process with Fatahillah Museum as the main actor. As what the revitalization actually means; to give back the life of the city, the video mapping ended with a celebration as the symbol of Old City vitality that arose back to the surface without leaving the original identity of multi culture Jakarta.


Video Mapping performance is just one amongst many ways pursued in revitalizing the Old City through entertainment presented to inhabitants of the city. It's being hoped for that the performance can be done as a routine hence the cultural space at Old City Cultural District Jakarta would be active lively and continuously.

Video Mapping Fatahillah 2010