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Video Mapping Jagat Lalana

A video mapping project by Sembilan Matahari. Jagat Lalana is 3rd video mapping held in Gedung Sate, Bandung.


Video Mapping Gedung Sate - What a Wonderful Jabar

On Flashing Screen - A Movie Making Workshop

A film making workshop Indonesia and Japan.

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, August, 30-31 2013 Bandung, Indonesia

EUNOIA - A Video Mapping Workshop

A video mapping workshop by Sembilan Matahari at Indonesia and Communication Technology Award 2013.


Speaker: Adi Panuntun (CEO Sembilan Matahari), Dissa Kamajaya (Sound Director Instructor), Eldwin Pradipta (Visual Artist Instructor), Sony Budi Sasono (Film Maker)

Constellation Neverland

Living in a country with four seasons in the past, has inspired us with phenomenon in the sky in which clouds reside, snow falls, and the rain pour. We are now living in a tropical country of Indonesia, where we can no longer experience the feeling of white winter, though we can still appreciate the beauty of rainfall. We would like to create a moment of that experience with Constellation Neverland.


The longing of rain and snow inspired the creation of an artificial environment. This fully mounted audio-visual installation is a simulation on how rain and snow can be sensibly inspiring.


The audio and visuals are set to build the mood; exploring how intangible aspects (e.g. weather, feelings towards the rain, etc.) can affect human’s emotion and thoughts. Faux cloud, rain, and snow – the things that can be touched by viewers—are displayed to exaggerate the mood.



This whole installation humbly delivers the time, space, and the mood for us to be more inspired, even by the simplest things that scatter in our life.