Epson Indonesia and Sembilan Matahari will initiate Mapping From Home Festival (MFH), a Festival aims to invite the society, students, college students, creative enthusiasts or workers to project their expressions, feelings and hopes during #stayathome. MFH Festival wants to urge participants to share stories, enthusiasm, appreciation, and motivation from their respective homes, so that they can inspire and encourage solidarity between the community, health workers, and state officials in fighting against COVID-19.

The current condition of the pandemic has forced us to change all the habits and normalcy that we have known so far into a new normality which, although it seems to be limiting, forces us to set out more inspiration and innovation with lots of imaginations.

Sembilan Matahari will join forces with Epson Indonesia, a well known technology company, which is the market leader in the projector category in Indonesia and throughout the world. Epson Indonesia is also the first manufacturer of projectors that carry 3LCD technology that is able to provide sharper, detailed and bright color content.

The Sembilan Matahari and Epson Indonesia collaboration is no other than to push ourselves to keep moving and create, while proceeding to think of ways to remain able to give positive contribution through what we know best: Video Mapping.

Video Mapping is an adaptive and flexible media technology, aligned with creativity that has no limit. In the PSBB situation, we can support government programs in bringing new excitement and adding positive activities that can be part of developing personal talent for each member of the community. MFH Festival offers its own uniqueness for artists, audiences and also the media. Video Mapping, which is usually held majestically on the facades of buildings or tall structures, is now being projected on surrounding objects in our daily lives at home. This will evoke a familiar impression and create a more humble engagement.

MFH Festival also wants to invite people to embrace the new normal, that even though staying at home we are still able to do everything, because the walls can only limit the body but can not limit our imagination and exploration. The festival is expected to be an alternative for quality video mapping festivals.

The series of MFH Festival that takes place during the month of Ramadhan until the mid of June 2020 will also carry out an online workshop and talkshow containing sharing of visual, audio and technology knowledge from several mapping artists who have long been renowned for their talents in the world of video mapping.

Registration is free of charge starting May 15th, 2020, and will be closed on May 23rd, 2020. The MFH Festival is open to students and the public, both for those with or without their own projectors.

Mapping Frome Home Festival #5

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