We invite you to an interdimentional journey at Museum Bank Indonesia. Plunge back in time on an architectural documentary film like no... January / 22 / 2019

Perpustakaan Nasional

The works in this project required collaborative response between multimedia, artworks, and graphics to utilize the entire interior spa... January / 15 / 2019

BRI Asian Games 2018

On the 73rd Anniversary of Indonesia’s independence day, we unleash the spirit and unite our strength for #AsianGames2018. &nbs... September / 24 / 2018


#TanahLight derived from a collaborative idea between #NMworld , @eka_wiryastuti (Tabanan’s regent), and @putujayapos (a creative... September / 24 / 2018


Video Mapping Prambanan is a remarkable historical time travel through UNESCO’s world heritage of the largest Hindu temple compou... November / 25 / 2016


Sembilan Matahari and Epson Indonesia and the event entitled @Streetstage by House the House Experience, prese... November / 25 / 2016

Benteng Kuto Besak

The rich history and culture held true on the façade of Kuto Besak Fortress in Palembang, has lead the South Sumatran Government... November / 25 / 2016

Toyota Dealer Convention 2016

Video mapping on stage and multimedia creation for LED SCREEN at Toyota’s annual prestigious awarding show for all Toyoya dealers... November / 25 / 2016

1001 Kisah ANTV

Video Projection on Stage Sembilan Matahari created a series of video projection on the walls and floor of the stage for the 23rd Ann... November / 25 / 2016

Video Mapping Museum Nasional

Indonesia is a prodigy. Not only by its beautiful nature, but it is also rich of cultural diversity.  Located at the heart of Grea... November / 25 / 2016

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the international publishing industry’s biggest trade fair – with 7,100 exhibitors from more tha... January / 18 / 2016

Constellation Neverland

"The installation consists of a group of floating artificial clouds and strings that create a simulated environment of rain, snow,... November / 12 / 2015

NIIGATA Art Festival

Indonesia & Japan are two countries in Asia strongly inspired by bamboo, thus creating variety of values and artworks. Celebrating ... November / 10 / 2015

Moscow Lightfest 2015 Modern

This year for the Art Vision Modern, we will re-imagine movement in time through psychologies of magic, theories in science and physics... November / 06 / 2015

Moscow Lightfest 2015 Classic

Learning through play is a term used in education and psychology to describe how a child can learn to make sen... November / 06 / 2015