20th Indonesia Power

A video that summarizes the 20 years journey of Indonesia Power, its growth, development of a company that leads in the field of o... November / 06 / 2015

UNESCO: Ayo Kita Siaga Tsunami

“Ayo Kita Siaga Tsunami” or Let Us Be Alert for the Tsunami, is a series of educational videos for the Aceh citizens in Ind... November / 06 / 2015

JFW Upcylce

Body Shop is a cosmetics company where its main concern is the environment. It urges the community to care for the hygienic-condition o... November / 06 / 2015

Fortune : Hajar!

Sembilan Matahari was given the trust to retell the journey of Fortune, one of Indonesia’s renowned advertising agency that striv... November / 06 / 2015

Ciputra Hanoi Profile

Architectural presentation need to bring an engaging new media of promotion to its prospective buyers. Ciputra as a leader in the real ... November / 06 / 2015


Paragon Technology Innovation or in short PTI is an umbrella company for renowned cosmetic brands of Indonesia, including Wardah, Make ... November / 06 / 2015

Blending The Boundaries

Blending the Boundaries is a Sembilan Matahari University documentary film that explores the unseen footages behind the transformation ... November / 06 / 2015

Hafar Neptune

Sembilan Matahari creates an educational video in the open ocean of the safety procedures that has to be followed of the passengers of ... November / 06 / 2015


Different from the usual make up tutorials in Youtube, Sembilan Matahari creates Wardah Skin Care and Beauty Class make up tutorials wi... November / 06 / 2015


In 2011, PT Inco changes to PT Vale Indonesia. This change needs a medium of socialization for the internal management of the company. ... November / 06 / 2015

Agate Football Saga

Teaser Video football Saga 2. This video was made for two versions 30 and 60 seconds. The objective was to promote a football/soccer ga... November / 06 / 2015

Fighting for Nothing

To promote the understanding of young generation about the concept of “Media intelligence for Tolerance.” Habibie Center wi... November / 06 / 2015