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Naaradewa received Bronze metal for the Non Conventional, (category Ambient/Guerilla/Live Theatre) Citra Pariwara 2014. 


The video presentation explained the Naaradewa campaign, "Don't Feed the Monster". Known for its video mapping show projected on heritage and/or historical building, Sembilan Matahari feels there is a need to expand the annual Video Mapping show at Gedung Sate.


Polluted river has became point of interest after renewing the meaning of public space. Sembilan Matahari is now focusing on this matter, using a creative story-telling style to deliver message.


The creative strategy and digital interactive media "Don't Feed The Monster" campaign consists of:

1. Site Specific Art Intervention, including a workshop, mural & graffiti, and mini video mapping projected around the cities. 

2. Interactive Installation

3. Official Naaradewa theme song