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Perpustakaan Nasional

The works in this project required collaborative response between multimedia, artworks, and graphics to utilize the entire interior space and part of the building's exterior. The buildings that were responded are the main cultural heritage building and the west wing of National Library of Indonesia that are rich in historical values. These areas were revitalized into Museum of Literature that exhibits a modern diorama technology, which has been put together to offer a whole new experience to the visitors.







This project blends the colonial era architecture and modern technology. Through video mapping and installations, we present animations that were designed to convey a massage and tailored it in a more attractive way.


Collaborators who are professional and experienced in integrating interior design, artworks, and graphic with the creativity upon multimedia technology were the key instruments for handling this project. In its implementation, Galeri Multimedia Kepustakaan (The Literature Multimedia Gallery) was devided into several display zones that are connected with certain plot, for instance: greeting the visitors with inspiring quotes by historical figures of Indonesian civilization at the lobby, the events of reading and media, and the National Library of Indonesia as the window of knowledge.