Jagat Lalana

Jagat Lalana, a video mapping on the facade of Gedung Sate in 2013. We got the opportunity to create massive projection mapping on the ... November / 06 / 2015

EMPIRICA Lounge and Bar

Empirica is an events / functions and night life space. Dominated with white colors on the walls and sofas, and with unique composition... November / 06 / 2015


Hero Group Merk Terkenal 2013, an awarding night was presented with numerous interactive audio visual experience which includes im... November / 06 / 2015

Hafar Neptune

Sembilan Matahari creates an educational video in the open ocean of the safety procedures that has to be followed of the passengers of ... November / 06 / 2015

BNI Video mapping

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Sembilan Matahari provided the service of Video Mapping, which also includes Augmented Reality, Stage Installation, and Immersive Room ... November / 06 / 2015


Different from the usual make up tutorials in Youtube, Sembilan Matahari creates Wardah Skin Care and Beauty Class make up tutorials wi... November / 06 / 2015


In 2011, PT Inco changes to PT Vale Indonesia. This change needs a medium of socialization for the internal management of the company. ... November / 06 / 2015

Constellation Neverland ICAD 2012

Teaser for an off-screen audio visual installation; a video mapping projection on strings and faux clouds responding a dome constructio... November / 06 / 2015

Video Mapping Kementerian Sosial

Sembilan Matahari collaborates with the Social Ministry of Indonesia in the production process which includes the technical needs for V... November / 06 / 2015


Video Mapping Festival Film Indonesia is a collaboration between Sembilan Matahari and the FFI committee for The Citra Trophy in 2012. ... November / 06 / 2015

Honda Beat

Honda Beat Launching 2012   Collaborating with Alive Indonesia to produce a videomapping show for Honda Beat's launching. ... November / 06 / 2015

Video Mapping Gedung Sate #2

More than thousands of spectators gazed at the spectacular Video Mapping show of Gedung Sate, The 2nd Strike, The Future is September 1... November / 06 / 2015

Telkom Ramadhan Gathering

A breakfasting gathering and awarding ceremony for Telkom during the holy month Ramadan 1433 hijri was presented with numerous interact... November / 06 / 2015

Agate Football Saga

Teaser Video football Saga 2. This video was made for two versions 30 and 60 seconds. The objective was to promote a football/soccer ga... November / 06 / 2015