Otomotif Award 2012

Sembilan Matahari delivers visual projection onto stage and holoscreen for the award ceremony held by Tabloid Otomotif. ... November / 06 / 2015

WWF Video Mapping

WWF Video Mapping : Greater Support, Better Synergy   WWF Indonesia invited 100 Indonesia’s distinguished CEOS. There wa... November / 06 / 2015

Malam Puncak HUT SCTV ke-21

Big LED Panel. For Big TV Anniversary.   Sembilan Matahari di berikan kepercayaan untuk meramaikan HUT ke 21 salah satu channe... November / 06 / 2015

Shell Power Seminar

To enhance a well 'product knowledge' between producers and users, 'knowledge sharing' is necessary. A distinguished br... November / 06 / 2015

What A Wonderful Jabar

It depicts the story of West Java, from the begining of ancient time when gods created land, water, and kingdoms. The spirit of "B... November / 06 / 2015

Shell IIMS 2011

Presenting one product in such well appreciated exhibition such IIMS surely requires something that is more than 'usual' to suc... November / 06 / 2015

Shell Advance Launching

Shell oil was about to laucnch their latest products for motorcycles. Such distinguished brand like Shell pursues extraordinary media f... November / 06 / 2015


PT Jaya Ancol opened a new site at Eco Park. This time, they intended to present a show with full of surprises. By maximizing the poten... November / 06 / 2015

ICAD 2011

ICAD 2011 is a collaboration of design, art, hotel industry, entertainment and technology with the objective to inspire many people, su... November / 06 / 2015

MNC Techxperience

As the leader of media industry in the country, MNC Group always moves forward and stays upfront when it comes to application of techno... November / 06 / 2015

Fighting for Nothing

To promote the understanding of young generation about the concept of “Media intelligence for Tolerance.” Habibie Center wi... November / 06 / 2015

Pekalongan World City of Batik #1

Title: "World City of Batik" Type: Building Video Mapping Year: 2011 (April 2nd 2011, Museum Batik Pekalongan, Indonesia)... November / 06 / 2015

Video Mapping Museum Fatahillah

Fatahillah Museum Video Mapping has become the most popular collaboration project. The aim of the projection was not merely to produce ... November / 06 / 2015

UPH - Be Transformed

The first video mapping show in Indonesia was projected to the Building of Museum Fatahillah. UPH, as a university that is always takin... November / 06 / 2015

Be3 Concert

Be3 Concert : Dream of My Heart   Grup vokal Be3 menggelar konser untuk menandai kiprah dua dekade mereka, "Dream of My H... November / 05 / 2015