Nine Earths

November, 24 2021 — Written by admin

Nine Earths is an environmental documentary that explores the relationship between everyday events and humanity’s excessive demand for the Earth’s resources. Featuring interviews shot by collaborators from around the world, Nine Earths reveals global consumption patterns through the lens of climate justice and takes audiences on an audiovisual journey through multiple locations, highlighting individual voices and stories.

Nine Earths has been developed in collaboration with researchers and scientists across the globe, including Professor Mark Maslin (University College London), Professor Julie Doyle, (University of Brighton), and Professor Kevin Walker (Coventry University). The project is a collaboration between D-Fuse and partners around the globe, including Metal (UK), RMIT University (Vietnam), Maya Chami (Lebanon), Sembilan Matahari (Indonesia), Musica Estranha and Multiplicidade (Brazil).

Nine Earths premiers at @biritshfilminsittute – Green Light: An Immersive Focus on Climate Change. The work has been commissioned by the British Council to mark @cop26uk