January, 01 2021 — Written by NM Admin

Bright is the dream, the aspiration, the goal. It is the message, and the carrier of that message. Bright is the package and what wraps it. It can be found on the outside, and more so on the inside. Bright is the word made flesh.

Bright is the society that can only start with the person. From within, before the rest. Bright is our hearts, our souls, and actions. That is the dream. Beyond mere speech, made manifest in the everyday. Bright should be how we breathe, day and night. In how we walk, talk, think, and everything else in between.

Bright is the economy where we are be able to sustain, and live life alongside others sharing that dream. We therefore engage, support, collaborate. We share loads, opportunities, and gaps to be filled. There is always a way to continue, together.

Bright is the environment we aspire to. Utopia for others, unrealistic for some, a vital dream to have for many. Bright is the environment that is habitable, pleasing to the senses, and of sustenance to the dwellers.

Bright is our dream. In sleep and in wakefulness.