The studio is the core of Sembilan Matahari's practice.

With a focus on interdisciplinary design, filmmaking and creative coding, Sembilan Matahari's methods involve audiovisual and multimedia explorations that are translated into projection mapping, digital experiences, and immersive exhibitions and installations.


At NM we value synergy. We strongly believe in a symbiotic relationship between the client-collaborator and the studio, where healthy and constructive working mechanism yields stronger results.

Initial ideas are approached with Design Thinking in mind, a key principle which has been present since the start of NM’s decade-plus career.

Raw materials and precursors are fused to become fertile springboards for both parties to negotiate with in an open, close communication routine. The goal is always to deliver inventive outcomes that not only satisfy short-term solutions, but also ones that can carry through as inspirations for times to come.

Invent new innovation with us?